Set Up.
  • We currently have OSSI now called OneSolution that uses Pagegate. We have been having issues getting the correct information out. When a call is generated is when the page is sent. This is before units are assigned. I do not get any of the units assigned. Just seeing if anyone has info on this. We have tried assigning the main alert to each individual unit to see if that works. But now we are having issues with the firewall. It won't let the page go out. We are working on this. 
  • Jeremey over at pagegate seems to do a good job helping dispatch centers get the proper information out so that we can parse it.  Have you spoken to him yet?

  • No I have not. Does he have a specific number I can call?
  • I talked to Support and they do not have a direct number.  I imagine you could give them a call at (781)829-0500 and ask for him specifically.