Webview Not Clearing People
  • Is there an issue with Webview right now? The last three calls or so everyone has showed up on Webview...but it hasn't cleared their location for over 4 hours. I closed out Chrome and opened it back up and it worked...until the next call.

  • There were some issues with device tracking on the release of assignments.  We are in the process of rolling back the changes to work on them, the issue should be resolved shortly.
  • Is this resolved yet? It would also be nice to get emails when there are issues so I'm not scratching my head at my setup.
  • Assignments have been removed from webview for the time being. We should have an update to the status of this sometime this week.
  • Robert O. How hard would it be for Active911 to actually inform their subscribers when they realize that there's a problem instead of leaving the subscriber's sysadmins looking like a bunch of damn fools when people ask why things aren't working?

    You aren't developing a game. It's a public safety system and has to be treated and maintaineds if it were a firetruck or ambulance.
  • golden12,  you are exactly right.  However if you'll allow me...

    The devs didn't know about this problem until Thursday 7/23 in the afternoon.  As soon as we knew, we immediately jumped on the problem and rolled out a fixed version.  We then tweeted the problem the next morning.  I believe Support knew about this on 7/22 and was working on replicating the problem in order to report it to the devs.

    The real problem was that none of the beta testers reported this issue despite months of beta testing.  And almost no one out of the thousands of production users let us know there was an issue either!!

    This sort of thing is really hard to regression test for.  For better or worse, we rely a lot on our beta testers and on feedback from Support.

    Here's what we can do to avoid this in the future.

    1. We need more beta testers.  If you are interested in joining, please let Support know.
    2. If you see a problem, please report it.  A few people did, but not many.
    3. If you want to know what is going on, follow us @active911.  This is where we post problems and updates.
    4. Perhaps we should post the Twitter feed to our website?

    I'm really sorry this issue caused you so much pain.  
  • I agree with Golden12.

    The problem was before Thursday and the issue didn't clear itself until you manually refreshed Chrome. I found that out the hard way, several days later. You also didn't tweet the problem at all, in fact, the last tweet was on 7/18 that had nothing to do with an outage or problem. There was also no announcement here in the forums until I posted. An email to administrators of Active911 accounts would be EXTREMELY helpful.

    I'd be interested in beta testing if it was just me, not the rest of the department.

    I would have reported my troubles, but your support, doesn't always jump on things. I've emailed them and I usually don't hear back until the next day.

    This was an unfortunate event. I love your product, I love that you're developing it more, but you HAVE to keep the administrators of the product in the loop so we're not scratching our heads on the problems that may or may not be popping up. 

  • Tucker M. I agree, I would gladly beta, but I would not agree to my squad testing.

    Perhaps individuals, such as sysadmins, could be beta testers and could get a free PC or mobile device code assigned to them to test with. While I'm at my day job, I would not mind having a webview window to watch, or running the mobile app on my tablet. The app that is running on my phone is my live copy and I need that one to be tested software for my safety. That way, I'm not trying to pay attention to Active911 when I'm trying to answer a call. This would allow testers to spot issues much more reliably.
  • Joseph S. We've corresponded via email, but I wanted to echo it on the forum. Having a rapid feedback path is an excellent idea. However, it wasn't until you mentioned it that I even knew that twitter is what you use, especially since I don't tweet myself. There's only about two dozen major social media apps in existence. I'm not going to search every one to see if you might be using one or more of them to distribute information. Not when you've already got my email and know that I have sysadmin privileges. I suspect that if you echoed the twitter posts on your website, it would have avoided a ton of problems for your users and for yourself.

    My squad is paying you to make our lives easier and safer, not more difficult. From your viewpoint, Active911 is your priority, as it should be. However, from my viewpoint, Active911 is just another tool in my toolkit that I expect to work, just like all my other tools. If I have a tool that is not reliable, it gets thrown in the trash and replaced with a tool that works every time. That's the emergency services mindset and it's what it has to be when lives, often our own, are on the line.

    As I've said, in emergency services, it has to work simply and it simply has to work.

  • Tucker M.. - "I would have reported my troubles, but your support, doesn't always jump on things. I've emailed them and I usually don't hear back until the next day."

    This is very true. I responded to a reply from support stating that I am still seeing a problem with webview not showing all the units that the Android app is showing including a photo of the webview screen and screenshots of the Android app. This was Friday evening 7/31 and here is is Wednesday morning 8/5 and I have not had a response. Don't complain that the sysadmins don't report errors if it looks like correcting errors are not a priority for Active911. At least reply to the report and let us know that it's been logged into Bugzilla and it has been assigned to a developer.

    On the other hand, I appreciate the email to sysadmins about the server issue.

  • Tucker M., next day response is typical for email support.  If you want/need immediate help, you have to call us.
    golden12, your ticket was soooo unhappy that it was sent to one of the devs (me) for a reply.  I replied to you, then was gone for a few days and missed your response saying that you had more problems.  
    It was my fault, I don't normally do support and so I dropped the ball. 

    Most normal tickets stay with the support staff and so get answered in a timely fashion.

    It is worth noting that the first reply email you get to every ticket says this:

    "If you are contacting us about an URGENT, TIME SENSITIVE ISSUE, please call us immediately at (541) 223-7992 and reference the ticket number above."
  • Joe,

    I would look into having support answering Time Sensitive requests via tickets, as well. Perhaps create a special category. 

    My reasoning for this request is because most of us are just Volunteers with day jobs and we can't always pick up the phone and call support for a half hour. At least for me, it's very beneficial to handle things in email so I don't have to sit on the phone while working.

    Just my two cents.