Preventing Hydrant Overload
  • I've been eagerly awaiting the Bulk Map Upload feature and it's great to hear that's now available.  I have a few thousand hydrants I'd like to add but am curious to how they'll display on our devices.  Is there a "hydrant layer" that can be toggled off?  Will they only show at a certain zoom level (sounds ideal)?

    Looking forward to utilizing this functionality and everything else to come.  If/once you guys allow better integration of our other geo referenced items (i.e prefires, hazard files, inspection files, etc) you're going to be even further ahead of the game! 

  • The last iOS update fixed the clouded map data views. They now only show when you zoom in to a certain level, generally about a square mile or so. We are now experiencing the same issue with Webview. We are working on this right now and should have it working better shortly.

    I am looking into possible ESRI integration, since it the the go to for most counties. With this we can hopefully manage layers easily. Right now, we have a lot of people uploading up to 20-25k hydrants to some accounts and it is handling it very well. In the last week or so people have uploaded almost 500,000 hydrant locations to our database. We are working on a way to easily share this info between accounts as well.
    Active911, Inc
  • Anyone from Active911 going to the ESRI conference next week in San Diego?  A couple good conference tracks on integrating ESRI with public safety software.  I met with ESRI 2 weeks ago at the American Waterworks Convention and they mentioned their conference would be very helpful.