Future Updates
  • Hi,


    Is there anything is development or any plan to have the abilty to go into the personnel section of the Active911 app and see who is Around and who is not around. Personnel use the current toggle button under the app settings to go off duty on duty, as soon as the switch it, this shows the change in the personnel section of the app. This is needed for our Fire Station, as we do not run on shifts, we run on who ever is aviable when the call comes to us.

    This is extremely important to Volunteer Fire Station.

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

  • Just a suggestion. We changed our response button to also include. Unvlb so if the person opens the call we will know who is not coming.
  • My station is volunteer and like John we use an Unavailable button to know who cannot make it.
  • hey guys use the the new assignments options to create assignments like available pov, or unavailable /out of town. i set this up last week for the volunteer department i admin for them. once the assignment is created if a member sets them self on the out of town out of service or what ever wording you choose to use they show up in the personnel section under that assignment. 
    Ryan B.
    Gallatin County 911 Communications Center
    Warsaw, Ky