New County CAD
  • WE MAy FINALLY be getting an updated CAD for our county that will allow us to get REAL use out of Active911!
    Our county will be installing Alert Public Safety Systems CAD. 
    Are there any steps I should recommend to the Dispatch Authority during installation to help us get this up and running, and or to make the best use of our Active911?

    Any suggestions helpful.


  • They  just need to be able to send an email with all the dispatch data to Active 911 ( your department specific email) each and every time you are dispatched on a call. To include all information relating to the call and/or GPS data if they have it. 
  • When our county switched to a new CAD system I had to setup pagegroups with specific names that match apparatus names being dispatched. Then I change from the Incoming alarms option under the Agency tab from Everyone to Groups.

    From what I remember county dispatch on the CAD side of things sends alerts to new pagegroup alert email addresses.  This link talks about the Active 911 feature. 
    We do this because we get one/multiple apparatuses getting dispatched to different districts all the time. Without using page groups we would only get notified when we were dispatched within our own district.