Apple Watch Suprise
  • Just wanted to say it was a nice surprise that when an alert comes over the watch, I can choose on it if I'm able to respond.

    Also no problems on iOS 9b1
  • I have found the watch additional most welcome, don't even to take my iPhone out of it's holster anymore. Good job to the 911 team
  • Little Background:
    I am on multiple agency that use the Active 911. I receive notification from all 3 agencies with one smartphone account. I am also an administrator for one of the 3 agency. I am a big IOS and Apple fan!

    Question / Future improvement request:

    When I receive a run, my phone and watch both show a notification with the nature of the call, and the location. The problem is, I do not know what agency is getting dispatched for that run. Can you display an abbreviation of the agency name at the beginning of the notification?

    Right now, I must open my phone, open the Active 911 app, then wait for it to load, then decide what was the last run that came in.
  • Hemi1, currently feature requests like this are tracked on the lightbulb tab of your account. When you log into the website, select the lightbulb tab and add this request. Users can vote for the requests that they would like to see implemented and features are prioritized based on this result.
  • This works really slick on Apple watch . I wish you could see  more then 2 lines but other then that its great.