Multiple agency members
  • We have several members that receive A911 alerts through separate host agencies accounts.  Some have migrated their primary affiliation from one agency to another.  Is there a process to change which agency is billed for that members service without deleting the device from both systems and creating a new device on the new "host" organization account with A911 then duplicating the device again on the other agency registration?
  • The original hosting account can set the device to "require personal purchase" and notify the user.  From there, the user can go to the other department and ask to have them use an agency subscription for his device.

    That is probably simpler than deleting the device and re-entering it, support can help you with the process if you need it.
  • Figured I'd add on here, instead of cluttering another thread...

    the options for adding an existing A911 device to our roster are "require personal purchase" or "use agency subscription".  If the device is already covered by another agency subscription, I assume that I would select the personal purchase option, correct??

  • Bucky

    For the ones at my department on multiple departments we put as Agency subscription. When you add them as a Multi user and enter the ID code it will add them and then on your agency device list you can see which department pays for it.
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  • Bucky - If you're adding a multiple use device to your account, and that device already has an existing subscription with another account, it doesn't matter which subscription option you select when adding the device to your account. The device will always use the subscription from the other account, until that subscription is expired or removed from the device by an admin of that account.

    If you have further questions about this, I recommend contacting support. We are open 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST Monday-Friday, with an hour lunch break from 11:30 to 12:30. At your convenience you can give us a call at (541) 223-7992.
  • Hi there - I've got a couple of multi-agency guys, whose other agency doesn't know how to access the guys' device codes.  Can we get them through you?  
  • Allison - Active911 technical support staff can't directly provide you with the device codes. The users have two options:

    1) Retrieve their device codes by logging into our website. If they need help with that, they can call us directly while they have access to a computer.


    2) The admins of the accounts the devices are a part of should know how to log in and view the information of the devices in their account. If they don't, they can contact us directly for help logging in and accessing the information.
  • Is there a limit to how many multi agencies you can belong to?
  • Jim,

    A device can be added to as many agency accounts as you desire using the "multiple use" option.