• First, let me start of with how happy I am with Active 911 and the impact it has made on our volunteer community. Please understand that I am a member of a VFD and not a software engineer and have been tasked with doing some research. We have seen a huge increase in number of responders for calls that we get toned out for when it comes across Active 911, especially in mutual-aid operations.

    We are encountering some issues with our dispatchers not pushing out a call on Active 911 and relying only on the traditional pager/radio methods.  It seems obvious that the issue could be fixed by speaking with the dispatchers not wanting to keep up with the times or are "too busy" to push out the page via Active 911. Keep in mind that we are county VFD dispatched by full-time city employees at the 911 call center covering our part of the county. As a whole, the concerns with the dispatchers has been pushed up their immediate chain of command with little support or willingness to fix the problem. 

    Bottom line, I am looking for some statistical information or white papers that address the impact the program has on emergency response, how many departments are using the program, and anything else useful in addressing our issues further up the echelons of local government. As a spokesperson for the County Association, I do not want to walk into a mayor or commissioner's office without having some statistics outside of our scope of operation.

    Thanks for your support and any assistance you can offer. 

  • I am a responder and the Director of a 911 agency. I can say without a doubt that use of Active911 has decreased our workload exponentially. 
    Our dispatchers do not have to manually push anything out. 

    Is the problem that the dispatch center doesn't understand the capabilities or requests? Are you requesting that the dispatchers log the times on every individual responder through Active911 Webview? 

  • I would like to see the answer to the initial post because I'm currently trying to "selling" the need for a dispatch application technology to a board that doesn't see the need for "distractions". Any statistics available would be greatly appreciated. 
  • We don't bother with our dispatch at all. We have a radio hooked up to a computer and use a free program called TwoToneDetect. Once our tones hit the radio, it instantly sends an email to Active911. Our Active911 comes across before dispatch is done with their voice page. It doesn't give us any info on the Active911 other then if its an EMS or Fire call (two separate tones), but we can then use the program eliminating Dispatch's need.
  • If you are using TwoToneDefect, are you able to attach the recorded page message with the Active911 alert?
  • Tami,

    Not at this time. I augment that by having the email portion of TwoToneDetect go to members that choose to receive it. That way, Active911 goes out without a hitch and members that want the page to listen to can also get it via their email. 
  • Thanks Tucker. Our dispatch CAD is not capable of sending an email when the page is sent, so we are having to 'self' dispatch to use Active911. I am looking at twoToneDetect to send the audio file to cell phones as a text message. If I also send the email to our unit's Active911 email address, we will get alerts from the app?
  • Tami,

    That is correct. I send Active911 as a text as opposed to the email option and it comes in very quickly. Our Active911 simple states "Fire Call" when it comes in but it works for us.