Active911 needs a burn to learn in OR/WA
  • Active911 needs your help!

    We are making a commercial to showcase Active911 and the fire/EMS services.  We have a film crew, but we need something to film!

    If your department is going to be conducting a burn-to-learn (practice burn) in the next few weeks, we would like to come film the event for use in our commercial.

    As a "thank you", we'll also donate $1000 towards your member organization, training budget, or favorite charity.

    We will need:

    • Everyone involved to sign a release so we can use the footage in our promotional materials
    • Something that is within driving distance of Portland, OR
    • A picture of the building, your department, etc

    If you can help, either respond to this discussion or send me (Joseph) a private forum message.  Thanks!
  • Greetings Joseph. We have two houses in the next couple weeks that we are burning down. These houses are located in Southern Oregon. Please call me for more info. 541-535-4222. Jimmy Johnson
  • Hello, my name is Kelly Miller, Lieutenant for Asotin County Fire District #1. We will be doing live burning training in Richland WA on May 17th at the Hammer training facility. If that one is not soon enough, we may be able to put something together for the weekend of May 2nd at another one in Spokane WA. Let me know if either of these will work!

    Thank you!
  • Hi Joseph my name is Cory Doneen.I am the chief of fire district 10 in Whitman county.we are located in eastern Washington. We will be doing a training house burn on April 12 2015 let me know if you are interested in using are training session . You can reach me by emailing me at
    Thanks Cory
  • Hello,

    We will be burning a single family dwelling on April 4th, in Sweet Home. We are 90 minutes from Portland and 45 minutes from Philomath. Please let me know if you could make it we would love to have you. Our training budget was cut by 60 percent next year any money would help imensly . Please contact me if you have any questions

    Thank you for your consideration.
  • If the April date will not work we will be burning a shop the first week in may. Thanks again.
  • Hello,
    The Lafayette Fire Department has a burn to learn scheduled on April 12th, 2015.  It is a 2 story, single family with an addition.  Lafayette is located about 20 miles southwest of Portland.  I am a FF1 for the LFD and we always love having people out to our burn to learns.  Funding is always an issue for an all volunteer department so that would be helpful as well.  I hope to hear from you.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Dustin Brungardt
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  • Greetings,

    We have approx. 10 large houses that have come available for training in order to make room for a future development. We have just completed two of the houses and are completing the permits/paperwork for two more at the beginning of April. This is the Disneyland of Training Burn Homes and nearly all of the 10 homes would be considered move in ready. The first home we trained on had a shed that was used by a movie producer to burn and shoot a short film with hopes it would be in time for the Cannes Film Festival in France. If you are interested in shooting in Camas where it is always 70 degrees, Sunny, Friendly and an easy commute from Portland please let me know and I would be happy to give you a tour of the homes.
  • Good Day,

    Colton Fire District is having a Training Burn on April 11, starting at 8:30. We have a number of members who have just completed Firefighter 1 Training. The house burn will be to practice firefighting techniques and demonstrate Fire Behavior. We could use the footage you shoot for training and $1000 would increase the Training Budget by 10%. Would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.
  • Good morning-

    While not a training burn, our USAR Task Force will be conducting a large 2 day drill April 11 & 12.  We'll be conducting concrete breaching and breaking exercises as well as structural shoring.  Might be a great way to demonstrate the diversity of your customers.  Our training will be conducted in Bremerton, Washington.  Thank you for your consideration, I've included photos below of past operations and drills.


    Jake Gillanders and Dave Schmidt operate in Tacloban, PI following typhoon Haiyans devastation.

  • I'm really impressed with how many people responded to this post.  These all sound like exciting opportunities!  Please continue to post any pics if you haven't already (thanks USAR for the great pics) and we'll show them to the marketing people and get back to you!
  • Eastside Fire & Rescue - Issaquah, WA and surrounding areas just conducted Burn to Learn exercises with Volunteers this past weekend. Pictures only, about 300 of car fires, burn building evolutions, etc. and two short videos (car fire). Does not meet your Marketing request for live video opportunity but could be used in "Pan & Scan" or as B-Roll cutaways.

    Can't seem to post the photos. Is there an email to send the samples to?
  • April 15th Lane Fire Authority will be conducting a burn during our day drill just outside of Eugene Oregon.
  • Key Peninsula Fire Department has a great car fire prop. We can fire it off at anytime- so we can work around your schedule.

  • Good morning! 

    Columbia River Fire & Rescue has a great training facility in St. Helens, Oregon. We have a recruit academy going on right now and will be doing training pretty much every weekend in April and May. The site features a six story training tower, a streetscape building, a technical rescue tower, confined space props and a storage building. We run live-fire training several times a year and recently have installed a flashover prop. 

    We would be more than happy to host! 

    You can contact Jennifer Motherway at 503-396-1841
  • Good morning!

    Grant County Fire District 8 (Mattawa, WA) is having an extrication training on Saturday, April 18. We have invited three of our neighboring agencies to attend and there will be four scenarios involving vehicles and/or farm equipment.

  • Stayton Fire District (Stayton, Oregon) 12 miles east of Salem will be conducting a live fire training on a 2 story residential house on Saturday, April 11th, 2015. The house has been used by several departments for training and a recruit academy. if this works for you we would love to be part of your promotional video.

    contact Jay Alley at 503-932-7805 or 503-769-2601

    tried posting a picture and was not able to attach, contact me to send to another email

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  • I've just enabled file uploads. Please edit your posts by attaching any relevant images.  Thanks!
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  • We have an old house up above Rufus with an amazing view that we need to burn. I'm sure our fire department would love the practice! Kathy & Kevin McCullough
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  • Attempted to download the video files but received a message the file are too large. (Mb max?)

    I can post to Facebook for review if you like

    Lt Rich Burke
    Bellevue Fire Department
  • Richard, can you post a YouTube link?
  • Banks Fire District #13 (20 miles west of downtown Portland) will be burning a 1500sq ft single family residence at some point in April 2015. The exact date is yet to be determined. We will have firefighters of various experience levels participating in this live fire training. If it helps, we have several members with heat resistant helmet cameras to help provide interior firefighting footage if needed. Please contact me if you need anything further!

    Cory Coussens
    Banks Fire District #13
  • The Camas-Washougal Fire Department will be conducting several training burns in the next
    couple months. The pictures of the two homes attached will be coming up in mid-April. We
    would be very interested in having any filming done during our training. Please let us
    know if you have any questions or I can be of assistance.

    Greg Payne
    Training Officer
    Camas-Washougal Fire
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  • Lewis County Fire District 5 (Napavine, WA - I-5 Exit 72) will be burning this structure on April 25, for live fire instruction as part of a recruit academy. We are planning multiple evolutions within the house and there is an attached garage that will provide an excellent opportunity to view fire behavior.

    Kevin Anderson
    Assistant Chief
    Burn House Pic1A.jpg
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    Burn HousePic1B.jpg
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  • I would like to thank everyone who responded to this post.  I wish we could do something with everyone.

    The film crew selected the Lafayette, OR house for the shoot.  They burned it yesterday, April 12.

    Thanks again to everyone who offered to help!
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