general updates
  • hey guys....just seeking out for any new general updates and/or features coming soon...I've been seeing a huge push for these others companies that have integrations of pre plans, hydrants, messaging, etc....just honestly looking for some feedback to give to stay with you guys.
  • My company is using it as Pre Plan and we get to see other departments hydrants as long as their in the system and then were all connected.  I know a more shared map data feature is coming out soon to share the information other departments are putting in.
  • Sam O, you can add hydrants, static water sources, FDC's, HAZMAT info or whole preplans with pictures into your map data, and its really easy.
  • We are working to finish up our first iteration of an Active911 Calendar and Personnel Reporting board.  Once we have those wrapped up, our next project is going to be adding to our mapping offering.  

    We have not fully fleshed out everything we want to accomplish with the map data, but we will be checking our feature request board to see what we can fit.

    Is there anything specifically you are looking for, Sam?
  • Looks like a version of map data sharing is in progress 
  • Hey guys not sure if What I have done with our map data is what your looking for but we have everything from structural floor plans to our school crisis responce plans added in to map data. I don't know of a way to show you our map data maybe Joseph knows of a way, we have done some great things. For example we have panoramic images of every room in all of our schools added as hyperlinks to the floor plans. We have also placed hyper links to the school systems video surveillance camera server to the floor plans. It requires a 4g data connection or wifi to view due to being data intensive. However just imagine having a school crisis incident and being able to imidiatly tap in to the live video of the school from your phone or tablet from the command post with out an elabret system in place.
    Ryan B.
    Gallatin County 911 Communications Center
    Warsaw, Ky
  • If you want to show what you've done, the best way is to find someone with an iPhone and a Mac.  Plug the phone into the Mac, then use the free quicktime program to record video while you demo some of the stuff you have.  You can upload the resulting video to us or whomever for showing off purposes. :)