Alerts for Webview
  • Looking for help to change the A911 alert tone on the PC. Any suggestions?

  • The webview alert tone is coming from their server - its hard coded into their source code for the webview client - the only way you can temp change this is by editing the source code via dev tools, and changing the sound file they have hard coded to a local pathed sound file of your choice. This will not save these code changes naturally, after closing the browser though.. It gives you insight how it works, and how it can be changed - if the actual code was changed.

    <!-- Alert sounds -->
    <audio preload="auto" autobuffer sound="alert1.caf">
    <source src="sounds/alert1.ogg" type="audio/ogg" />
    <source src="sounds/alert1.mp3" type="audio/mp3" />

    thats the code above I submitted to them ^^^^ -- I actually reported this change to them, because awhile back it did not play any alert sounds in IE because they were using .OGG which is not compatible w/ new IE / current browser versions. After their change it now alerts via IE as well now. (by simply adding a mp3 source).

  • Just wondering if we will be able to change the alert tone in webview and assign different alert tones to specific groups in webview.  Just thinking it would be nice to know the tone for the webview call is for the Medic, Truck or Engine as identified in our group that tone is assigned to.  Thanks Colt
  • I think the Windows desktop app will be able to be upgraded to have custom tones for page groups