Color-code and/or sort responders based on status?
  • Hi, posted this in 'getting started' since I think it's something that can be useful in android/ios/webview.

    Now that we have a high level of adoption of the mobile app, I've noticed something that makes the 'responders' screen a little difficult to use, especially in the context of responding to an event.  We now have about 35 users.  Some calls may only get 4 or 5 people in a 'responding' status- the rest all dutifully select "UNVL".  

    So what happens is that with quick glances at the screen, it's hard to distinguish between the different responses to find out exactly who is going to show up at the call.  Is there a way to either color code or sort the screen based on the responding status?  So those with a status that we use to indicate in-servce can (for example) be turned green (or red), or even sorted to the top of the display, with all of the unavailable personnel turning a different color (maybe staying black, or even grey) or falling to the bottom of the list?  

    I know it's not easy since everyone is able to define their own response code- we have "RESP" which means heading to the firehouse; STA which means they were already at the station and responding; "SCENE" for officers taking a duty car or POV directly to the incident location; and "UNVL" when you're at work or in some other circumstance where you won't make the run.    Maybe have a color or sort priority as a field when we define our individual response codes?


  • That makes sense.

     We would probably implement a feature like this as sone kind of filter -- for example, you could set "only show responders with statuses like RESP" or "Don't show UNVL".

    I'm wondering if this would be more useful on Webview (for example) than on iOS devices.   iPhones, for example, might be more zoomed in most of the time and less likely to care about filtering (besides the fact that the small screen makes it a little harder to do things like set and unset filters).  Thoughts?

  • How about when the administrator on the account defines the labels for the buttons, allow them to choose the font color that will show on the devices and webview for the button that is pushed.
  • I like both ideas, but I like the admin setting the font color the best.  Also, there is usefulness on mobile devices too- for instance, when the Dep hops in his car, he can glance and look for a certain color defined as 'scene'- so he knows the chief or some other officer is heading directly to the scene, and he may choose to head to the firehouse to staff the apparatus instead of also heading directly to the scene.  
  • I've added this to the list to bring up before the development team.
  • I guess they didn't like this one huh??  :(