Available Fields
  • Is there list of available fields somewhere?

    We are in the process of switching to a new CAD and with the new one I can pretty much author the message that gets sent out however I want. I can also include just about anything that CAD has in it's database. I was just curious what fields are supported by Active911 and which ones will need to be included in the comments part of the message. I'm thinking fields like Caution Notes, Estimated Time Enroute,  Hazmat Site, Closest Hydrant, stuff like that.

  • Take a look at 

    In particular, you should use the 'Cadpage' format.  The instructions for "Custom fields" show how to add any extra fields you have (though they will get put into the notes area).

    I do suggest you replace spaces in the name: pairs.  For example, use ClosestHydrant or Closest_Hydrant instead of "Closest Hydrant" (though it will probably work either way).

    I don't think there is a comprehensive list online.  I'll try to get that changed in the next few days (we'll update that page I referenced on the wiki).