Google Maps Problems
  • Is there a way to upload our own GIS data and use that instead of Google Maps?  Our coverage area is full of errors in Google Maps.  I have gone through and suggested several hundred edits (from number ranges to street names) and for some reason most of them get rejected.  We have access to the GIS data from our dispatch center so I know it's good data. 

    Would this also allow us to use layers for different response zones, addresses, hiking trails, or any other layer in the GIS data? 

    Or... Could I create my own Google Map and you guys use that?
  • It's in the plans.  But we haven't built anything yet to do this.

    We do have a lot of street cred with Google, so our edits may work better than yours.  Please send an email to support, and ask for Tyler.  He does a lot of map edits.

    In the long run, we'd like to let you upload your own data.  But this might help in the meantime. :)
  • Paul_S,

    Have you tried turning on the "Override mapping with GPS coords from your dispatch center?" under the Agency tab? 

  • Joseph S. - I will put something together and send it to Tyler's attention.  Thanks.

    D_Gholson - Our dispatch CAD does not send coordinates with the dispatch data unless the address is a set of coordinates (ie: the incident is an injured hiker in the middle of the woods).