Android Alert Drops Call
  • Has anyone had any issues with android devices such as the new nexus or galaxy dropping calls when alerts are pushed through ? I have only had 2 reports of this.



  • Yes - all of our Android devices are only receiving anywhere from 70% - 80% of the calls.  iPhones are receiving 100% of the alerts. 

    I have not equated it to a phone, just the O/S - my bet is sometihng with the Android/Google Push service but have not had enough interaction with tech support to get clarification.  They ask the question about my ticket, I supply them information, but have not heard a lot back...

    Unsure if we are going to go with this app or not.  If the Android alerting worked 100% our department would buy this hands down, but it is not reliable (Android only)

  • If you stop receiving alerts on Cadpage, go into direct paging vendors menu and "Reconnect Direct Paging Vendors"
  • Hey guys, not actual incidents but actual phone calls. Ill have a firefighter on a public service with someone and a alert pops through and the phone call gets disconnected.
  • Craig, we are currently working on an Android app to replace CADpage. We actually do none of the development on CADpage, just use it as a temporary fix to get some service to Android users while we build our own app. Our app will be much better integrated with our own system. Right now, if CADpage has an issue, we literally have very few ways to track down what might be causing their app to disconnect from our service. We can get it reconnected and try and workout what caused it, but the only one who really knows what the CADpage code is doing is their developers. CADpage updates their app every week or so. It seems like every few updates, the app disconnects from our service at random times and sometimes won't reconnect. 

    CADpage was never originally designed to work with our service, and we do not code things to work specifically for them. We could probably work on it and get it to be more reliable, but that would take time away from developing our own Android app. Our app will be directly integrated into our service like our iOS app is.
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  • Dorian, we have not heard of this happening before. I know that most devices cannot transmit both data and voice unless on a wifi connection. Perhaps some setting in either the device or CADpage is causing it to prefer the 3/4G connection over the voice and dropping the voice to establish the data link. I will have to check with our dev on this one.
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  • Most ATT devices will let you transmit data and voice without WIFI Connection that is one of there selling points
  • It comes down to which technology the carrier is using for their network.  Verizon and Sprint use CDMA which cannot simultaneously transmit voice and data.  AT&T and PC-Mobile use GSM, which can handle simultaneous voice an data.
  • Thanks Ken, I always forget about AT&T's GSM. It seems like Verizon is the most common carrier, or maybe that is only because the people on other carriers don't call in as much. Again, if they are wifi, it shouldn't matter too much, only if they are behind a corporate or government firewall. Those tend to block GCM and APNs ports.
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