CAD interface?
  • Are there any plans and/or discussions to create a CAD interface for the response buttons? If our personnel could just press the responding and on scene buttons and those time stamped into our CAD (New World) that would be great. If that is not possible, what about just a simple report of all button times? Something available on this website in real time and/or after the call. 

    EN21 responding 14:35
    EN21 on scene 14:44
    EN21 available 15:35
  • Yes, we are very interested in doing this.

    If your CAD vendor is willing to work with us to make this happen, please contact support and have them send me a ticket.  You will need to call your CAD vendor and see if they are willing to tell us enough about the internals of their software that we can write an interface for them.

  • Whitney, if you go down this road, please let me know.  We also use New World (and TriTech).
  • That is great. I will work with our dispatch center and thier contacts with New World. I will let you all know

  • Any word on people trying this?
  • Does this work? We use New World also.
  • We still want to implement this feature, but have not done so yet. I have just added it to our internal idea tracking board so that we can investigate and possibly get some traction on this idea.

    This will require a contact within New World for us to have a discussion with about how and when to interface with their software.  It's not trivial or easy and will likely require development efforts on both companies to make it work.
  • I would be interested in this also.  However we use OSSI / Sungard.