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  • Anyone have any experience with Tyler Public Safety Integration?
  • no, but do you know put the Active911 email in?
  • Negative. it looks like from what i have seen they only use page gate and don't have any smtp capabilities from what I was told by the sales rep in texas.  They did advise they could develop something by 2014/15 but it would be very costly which wasnt very attractive for the county I was looking to help out. Im wondering if anyone on here has had the same experience
  • Dorian, you may contact Sgt Cody Lackey with Boerne Police Department.  We are using Tyler and have Active911 set up for all our Fire Department in the County (7 of them) and also the County EMS system.  Again that is Sgt Lackey with City of Boerne, TX Police Department.
  • Thanks for the information Jeffery! We have been searching high and low for someone using a Tyler system.
    Active911, Inc
  • Tyler L., was just wondering if you had any luck with Boerne and possibly any solution with Tyler Tech?  Our county is the one Dorian from above was talking about.  We are still looking for a solution and possibly a way around having to have the CAD send the info.
  • Our ambulance corp has a python and linux script that can display the format that Tyler Tech. outputs in a cleaner format. Check out the most recent post:
  • We are using Tyler Tech with our local dispatch and our Active 911 does not work with it.  It won't close out calls and it doesn't send us the information about the call. All we get is the address.  It's very frustrating and we have paid for the Paging module.