Tritech VisiCad Paging
  • Bexar County Fire Dispatch in San Antonio Texas is currently using Tritech Cad System. We currently have 460 FireFighters and Fire Marshals on the Active911.The Visicad has an embedded Paging/SMTP service which will send out standard emails. I will be posting more information very soon.


  • Looking forward to hearing about it!  We also use TriTech, but only admin uses it now...would love to hear how it's working for you.



  • We are using Active911 with Tritech VisiCad for several different agencies which we dispatch with great success. 
  • We are also on a TriTech system; 14 different fire departments in a combined center, and almost all are using Active911. It's worked great and is very popular. We also use it for our Chaplains, and it's been very helpful for them, since they serve multiple departments.
  • Have they come up with anything to send a page when you move up or assign a unit to post at a different station (Back in)

  • Josh if your CAD is able to notify us of updates (by sending out another SNPP or SMTP message) we do have various options for notifying your devices of the change.  Get ahold of Active911 support for help getting this configured.
  • Are you all working on a information update? We are hoping that one day we will get the information that updates on the MDC to transfer over to the App. As a BC it would be nice to see information updates without having to scan the radio or go to the car for updates.. Meetings, classes etc.
    Bobby Ortiz
    Captain Q-211
  • Robert, if your CAD can send it to us, we should be able to handle it.
  • Our regional dispatch uses VisiCad to dispatch our department (1 of 50) and we would like to have different groups set up and paged as such. We have set up the groups within Active911 but now what? Has anyone set up the groups and are using with VisiCad? Do we just provide the new email code to our dispatch for paging of the individual groups? I would appreciate any help.
  • Giff, That is one way to accomplish group paging. That is typically reserved for cases where you CAD is incapable of sending out the units, or if your dispatch center has a particularly unusual setup and the "units assigned" field is being used for something else. 

    The preferred method is to allow our system to sort the calls based on proper "units assigned" according to the message from your dispatch center. The pagegroup title is a keyword that is compared against the UNIT string in the parsed message and we send to all pagegroups where a match is found.

    For example, you might have pagegroups named ENG3613, AMB3642, and STA36. If a call comes out and mentions one of these units in the UNIT string, it will send to those pagegroups.
    Active911, Inc
  • any issues with the initial page not going out with tritech and Active 911. calls dropped on units but they do not get the call
  • If you contact support they should be able to help find and resolve the problem.
  • Is it possible to have devices update as things go on in the call. Jasper co SC does something similiar to this not sure what cad they have?

  • In most cases it is possible, support should be able to walk you through the process.