Self Dispatching without CAD (Mapping problem)
  • Hello,

    We are a small rural EMS service that is using Active 911 to supplement our radio/paging system. Our dispatch system does not have CAD and is rather questionable at best, so our supervisors are self dispatching us through Active 911 by emailing directly to the address provided. The alerts go out to everyone fine, but we have yet to find a way to reliably have the mapping function correctly. Street addresses and county roads don't seem to be recognized, thus the program just defaults to a view of town. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!
  • I feel your pain...
    in my rural fire district it is difficult to find most addresses in a google maps or mapquest search, so I imagine Active911 is at their mercy.  Plus our dispatcher use a lot of shorthand:  e.g. "1234 vz4002"  would most likely be known to Google as "1234 VZ County Road 4002".

    That said you may have 2 options:
    First, if you find any consistency to how to successfully find addresses with a simple google maps search, be sure to use that format in the email.

    Better still, if you run the PC Webview, the operator can click on a spot on the map to generate an alert in the box that pops up.... and the position of the map click will be the position transmitted to the clients for mapping and navigation. 

    Just a couple ideas to try out.  Good Luck

    edited to add:
    We've resigned ourselves to the fact that mapping of incidents is going to fail 98% of calls.   The "responding" with GPS feature is about the only benefit of the map to our department (seeing that "Johnny" is responding from 10 miles north, and "Sally" is just about at the station.)
  • Thanks Patrick, We have pretty well resigned ourselves to the same. Part of our problem though, I believe is still in how it is coming through Active 911 as even city street address that Google Maps recognizes do not get recognized on Active 911..

    Thanks for the tips!
  • Hey guys, we can do a lot of magic with our parsers, even decoding shorthand.  If you send us an address and there is SOME way to get it to show up on Google Maps (even if it has to be de-mangled a little bit) we might be able to help you out.  Just contact support and see if they can help you or tweak your parser to make things run better.
  • Will be in touch. Thanks Joseph!