Turn by turn directions from within the app
  • Hi everyone, I just created a new feature request for turn by turn directions from within the Active911 app.  It would be helpful to have the ability to launch the Google Maps app while looking at the location within an alert and get audible turn by turn directions from your current location to the alert location.  I know you can see the route to the call within the app, but this would give the added advantage of having the turns announced based on you GPS location if you are responding to the scene.  I'd like to hear any other thoughts or suggestions. 
  • That would be sooo helpful.  Right now i use CADpage, for the maps.
  • Are turn by turn directions available foe iPhone?
  • I use the Active 911 app with an iPhone and that feature has always been there.  When you open a call, scroll down to the bottom of the screen.  Under External Links, press the choice for Map app.  That opens Google Maps.  The choose current location as your start point and press route.  It will show your route and press start for turn by turn voice directions.
  • Ian - I'm confused... You say the feature of getting turn by turn directions within the app has always been there, but then you talk about getting turn by turn directions in the Google Map app. Help?
  • Rod D. he is just saying that you have to go to the bottom of the page and click on the choice for map app. Which in turn opens google maps. Then you press route and it gives you turn by turn. The active911 app itself does not give turn by turn.