Map Data Management
  • Please please come up with a better way to manage Map data. I have 3000 hydrants with prob another 1000 more needed to be uploaded. Plus preplans. Some ideas. A search feature. Separate hydrants & preplans into their own groups. Check boxes to mass delete data.
  • Perhaps the ability to sort fields?  Both by icon type, color, but also frequently used terms.

    The ability to view more than 10 or so items at a time would be swell too.

    ~Jeff Howard
    Captain, Parkwood Fire Dept
    Durham, NC
  • Also be able to put hydrants out of service easily and mark road closings.
  • While I really like the hydrant layers. For our use it would be nice if they were much smaller Icon's.  Can the size be smaller, or is this something that is controlled by google?  Different size options would be helpful.  The hydrant icon should be at least half the size it is.
  • Just the idea of a layers in general is awesome....but if they could be able to be hidden....have as many layers as you want for different reasons....preplans for one, water supply for two, road closure/congestion for three....and so on and on....just a way to be able to select which ones you want to see at a time basically this would work for any level 
  • It would be nice to able to upload a .shp or .kml files
  • You can upload KML files. 

    See here for more information:
    ~Jeff Howard
    Captain, Parkwood Fire Dept
    Durham, NC
  • We are not able to directly upload shape files yet. We are working on getting at least limited integration with ESRI and common mapping formats, how ever this is a little ways out.

    In the mean time, we can take shape files if they have lat/long included in the attributes. Really, we just need the .dbf file from the shape folder, but it  must have the proper attributes. Also, it is nice if people concatenate all the fields down to a single description field in addition to the data point name and coords. We have been doing this, but it can be very time consuming for us. Converting and formatting a shape file with 15,000 hydrants takes 30-40 minutes; that's time I am not able to spend answering phones or support tickets.

    If you really need help with some of this, let me know. We aren't going to say no to helping someone out; just realize that it puts us further behind on other things.
    Active911, Inc
  • Hello there,
    I am in the process of loading some of the essential datasets into Active 911 from our GIS and am curious about the data management side of things. I am the GIS Coordinator here in the city & can supply whatever data & format that is required but I am having difficulty in seeing how the data is managed. We just loaded in our fire hydrants & registered storm shelters. Both these layers are dynamic & change rapidly. I export updates for our dispatch & various other end consumers of the data. I generally delete the old data, import the new & the update is complete. How do I select & delete all the fire hydrants & storm shelters to delete them so I can update the system with new data?
    Can I select just fire hydrants? Any insight as to the perfect schema format & prescribed map data update procedures would be greatly appreciated.

  • We are adding features to allow mass deletion and the ability to search the data points for specific locations. It is our plan to be able to add expanded GIS capabilities, such as uploading your county's official map and various layers. We are a little ways off from this as our highest priority is to get map data to all devices first, meaning an Android app (***It is coming***).

    Right now, if you submit a ticket or give us a call, we will back up your map data and can then wipe it all, or just by color of the icon. When people call this in, it takes about 2 minutes. Soon we hope to add the interface to allow you to do it yourself. We have to be careful because any changes like this are made directly to the live database. Account users have to be careful here. When we first released the bulk upload, we had people clicking the save button multiple times because they did not understand that it takes a minute or two to write to the database, sometimes longer depending on internet connection speeds. The result was tens of thousands of duplicate data points in the system. We can easily handle deleting extra data; we would have a much more difficult time restoring deleted data.
    Active911, Inc
  • I would like to be able to link to external layers. Our county GIS department handles request from multiple agencies and updates the layers on a regular basis. This is way better than me reinventing the wheel with all the info AND then having to manage it. For instance we have a county wide layer of hydrants, then each fire department has there own layer for pre-plans and such. Can we work something like that in?
  • Bryan, I think what you (and lots of us) are hoping for is a live tie in to the ESRI database where all this information is stored.  However, in addition to Active911 supporting this, our IT departments (in most cases) need to support this since external systems want to connect to what is often an internal only system.  ESRI makes this easier with their cloud version but at least where I work, they have not gone to that.  IT is is historically terrified of giving anyone access to any internal system...

    I've had a number of conversations with ESRI and their programmers. They can easily facilitate all this for us... For a fee, of course...
  • Any possibility of adding yellow as a location tag color?  We use NFPA color coding on our hydrants, and it would be nice to be able to reflect these colors on the Active911 map - yellow is the only one I need that is missing.
  • I would like to see a weather radar animation overlay as well - not too much to ask eh? hahaha
  • Once we enter all of our hydrants, we need the ability to export the data so we can keep it on file.  Is this feature coming?
  • Greg, yes, this feature is coming. We are planning on adding export options fro alarms, map data, devices, users, etc. No ETA on this right now.
    Active911, Inc
  • Looking for an update on ALL of the ability to EXPORT, especially for the Map Data. In our Department, we have seven stations that make up four battalions. Each station has their own Active911. I would like to be able to either connect their Map Data to ours and ours into theirs or Export their Map Data and then import it into ours. This would GREATLY save time for all.

    Damon Sherrod
    IT/IS Consultant
  • I am not sure about when this is scheduled. I will bring it up to the devs and see what they have planned. I know we want to create a customer facing schedule of when this stuff is going to be worked on, but they haven't been able to take the time from working on the updates and feature requests to build it!
    Active911, Inc
  • Can you also add a simple option to add a URL for a file isntead of uploading it drectly to you and your service? The issue is IE is not compataible w/ the system you have in place to connect to the file we upload to your service via the web interface. IE , if we upload a pdf for preplans, and place it on the map long/lat - it shows on the map, but in IE you click it and it wants to save it, and find a program to open it w/ - which does not work. In Google Chrome it DOES work, for example - but again w/ tablets we can not pan/move the map at all - so we can't get really use this feature.

    Easy solution -- give us an option to use our own web space, and let us type in a simple url like:  When we click that preplan icon in Active 911 on the map, it will open the PDF from our url we custom put there, instead of going to your service -in which is buggy as you can see..