Sending Text Messages
  • We are fairly new to Active 911,we are a paid on call department in Minnesota and meet and train every 2 weeks.In this era of instant communication I would like to be able to send text messages to our members with updates, reminders or other information that can not wait until our next meeting.I have searched the site and can not find if this is possible. With all our members connected through Active 911 this would seem to be the perfect platform for this. Wondering if this is possible or could be something to add in the future. Thanks
  • Just send an email to the active911 email address listed for your department under the agency tab.  That will distribute to your members.  Or create a group that overrides shift settings so that even people that go off-duty will receive the message and send to that group.  It will be the same email but with 2 additional letters in front.
  • This was a duplicate post. The other post only had my response so I deleted it. Here was my response -

    An admin can send an alert via the Agency tab (Send Alert), or if you
    are using web view and the option is enabled you can right click on the
    map - for instance on your station - and send an alert that way as well.

    in mind this will appear as a normal alert with in Active911. There
    presently is no way to send these types alerts silently.