Southern Software CAD
  • Our county dispatch uses Southern Software CAD. Does southern software have the capability of sending out alert emails?
  • Southern Software uses a product called PageGate that works with the CAD to send out Text Messaging.  I think there are some other topics on here that talk about PageGate.  Feel free to contact me if you need more information.
  • We use Southern Software CAD to send alerts to Active911 using PageGate. We have recently started sending GPS coordinates from CAD so that our responders are getting accurate address locations based on GPS points.
    Email me if I can help you in any way

    Dan Wright
    Chilton County E9-1-1
    Dan Wright
    Chilton County E9-1-1
  • I can help too, Ive set up Interact CAD + pagegate as well.
    Scot A Fields
    Network Administrator
    Overton/Pickett Co. E911
    Livingston, TN
  • Any idea if Southern Software CAD can be setup to send call notes (Updates) about a call as they are put in? Still not sure if Active 911 will support the updates, but it would be nice. For example when scene is secure it would update the Active 911 incident with a note saying "Scene secure".



    Raine Coddington

  • We can handle updates as long as there is some consistent identifier (like a CAD#, address, or title) between both calls.  Otherwise, we will handle it as a second message.