Overall Product
  • As I sit and read all of the discussions I just wanted to say that myself and everyone that I have talked to is very happy with the program and always looking forward to new updates and options! There will always be bugs and upgrade options but I we have patience! 
    Keep up the good work!
  • Thanks Larry.  It's always nice to get some encouragement!
  • I  agree with Larry.  Our volunteer fire department was fortunate enough to have started on the ground floor of the CADPage program and then with beta of Active911.  We have been through some bad features (as a developer myself they are not bugs, just unplanned features) and some great features and overall we could not be happier.  Now if we could just get our dispatch system to work properly. Great dispatchers, lousy system. 
  • Active 911 came a long way since the beginning and being part of the upgrade and growing process is something unique.  From just receive the alarms on your phone, to GPS directions, to adding hydrants, and now the most used feature in my department is the Map data for preplans, this the future of the Fire Service. Many departments around me including my own our getting Tablets for the Trucks just to use Active 911 which gives us the information we need and the best part is... it's inexpensive. To all the folks at Active 911 from the Mail room to the top..... Thanks.