Two Tone Detect - Audio Files
  • I was looking to see if there was a way to send a MP3 file to the Active911 delivery address and it be sent through to the client or at least to the phone.  It appears that it strips attachments as it is sent through, can anyone confirm?

    What I'm trying to do:

    We have a pager set up attached to a PC at our station that records the initial page audio using the program two-tone detect.  It then turns around and emails it out to the MMS address of each phone.  As of right now, each device has to be setup in both places and it is a bit of a pain keeping everything correct.  It would be AWESOME if the Active 911 client had the ability to accept these attachments and store it with the External Links that it has now.


    If the active 911 system could just forward these attachments on to the phone number as a MMS message.  That would enable users to keep all of the users / devices setup in one place.  Our members absolutely LOVE receiving the audio file to their phone!

    Just a thought!
  • If you want to get users a custom audio file, the only way to do it is have it hosted somewhere and send them a URL to the hosted page.  It also requires some custom logic on the hosting page to give them the right file.

    You can't do this just by putting the URL in the message, however.  You need to use the "external links" part of the developer API (see the wiki).  Here's how it works:

    1) You register with us as a developer (free)
    2) You create an "app" that has a custom postback URL
    3) When your users get pages, we include a link to your URL, along with some identifying GET info (their device ID, alarm ID, etc).  You can use that query string to fetch the proper file.