Replies on Voice/Landline Alerts?
  • is there any reasonable likelihood that Voice alerts will be enhanced such that the person being called can press a button on his phone to indicate whether he is responding or not?      Or is it more likely I'd win the lottery (without buying tickets)?  :)
  • I have a user requesting this also.  Is there any update on this?  Like "1" for the first option, "2" for the 2nd option, etc... up to button 5?  Then maybe change the "1" for repeat to "0" or something like that.
  • Thanks Ryan.  That's exactly what I'm thinking.   We are a rural VFD, and it is not uncommon that many of our most reliable responders have only land lines, or just very basic cellphones, with no texting or "smartphone" functions (budgetary constraints or network connectivity problems).  Such a feature as this would allow them to participate more completely in our Active911 implementation.... (and honestly is one of the selling points for those recommending we go with IamResponding).
  • There is a long and complicated backstory, but the bottom line is that it's not likely.

    For users in rural areas, the current best scenario is for them to have some kind of internet (like DSL) and a wifi router.  That would allow them to use the normal response features until they leave the driveway.

    I know it's not what you're asking for but we just are not likely to do anything response-related with voice phones.  It's more likely that we would develop some kind of radio interconnect system.
  • Disappointing, but good to know nonetheless.  Thanks for the reply!