Delay in receiving alerts on all platforms
  • Some days we receive alerts a couple seconds before dispatch, sometimes a few seconds to minutes afterwards and over the last 2 days it's been 5-10 minutes after dispatch.  I think the problem may be on our communication centers end, but how can I go about figuring out where the problem is at?  Our employees use both the cadpage and active 911 app and we have 2 Webview stations setup, one at the Watch Desk and and additional one in the apparatus bay.  The delay problem does not seem to be limited to one specific app but on all platforms at times.  How can I go about tracing the process from the time the dispatcher enters the information in the CAD to the end-user receiving the alert on their device to find out where the delay is occurring?  Any help would be appreciated.
  • Geoff, the only way to look this up and find the problem is by contacting Active911 tech support.  Open a ticket with them (give them the Active911# of a slow alarm) and they can check the logs and tell you where the delay lies.  If your dispatch center has a slow server, they will be able to tell you so.  You can then take the Active911 report and show it to your IT staff to get them to fix the problem.

    In my experience, IT people are usually not very helpful unless you can *prove* that it is their equipment that is broken. :)  The Active911 report will allow you to do this.
  • Geoff, You have found the one major problem with Active 911 and it is not their problem. It comes back to your dispatch center mail server. I have fought this problem with my dispatch center for over three months. They have a slow mail server. Some time we get alerts a couple seconds before dispatch and other times it takes up to 45 minutes to get the call, I have been able to get dispatch to understand the problem is on their end. Thier answer to the problem was that we will have to live with it, Which for what we need to use Active 911 for, it makes Active 911 worthless to us.

    Geoff to make sure that it is on the dispatch end. Have them also send you the call to your email and you will see the when you get a email for a dispatch that Active 911 will go off at or about the same time.

    Once again this is not a Active 911 problem. This will happen with any program that depends on getting an email from dispatch


  • Is there any chance your dispatch center can switch to the SNPP delivery of messages from SNMP?  This is the paging protocol and often, those messages go direct from CAD to Active911, not through your municipalities mail server.  We have the same exact issue - though not a delay, our town's mail server crashes at night and on weekends (of course) causing us to stop getting pages.  We are moving towards the SNPP delivery option.
  • I agree, SNPP is the best option.  

    If they can't do SNPP, sometimes they can set their CAD "outgoing SMTP server" to use "" instead of their municipal mail server.  Takes the local gov't mail server out of the loop. 
  • We swapped to SNPP and the alerts are always instant.
    Dan Wright
    Chilton County E9-1-1
  • Bob S.,

    Any chance you're in Camden County, NJ as well? Cause the answer I got from the IT Dept was pretty much the same thing, that we would just have to live with the delays. They just upgraded the whole radio system and CAD system to the 700mhz system and I'm told by IT that the system wasn't really designed to be sending out emails for text paging, but I consider that answer to be BS, because I find it hard to believe that a multi-million dollar dispatch system has trouble sending out an email for each incident it receives.