Activation process...simple steps....
  • Hate to pile on here, but having just gone thru the activation process I found it somewhat confusing.  A simple activity-flow diagram would be very useful such as:
    1. Request an Acct - Get approval from from A911 via an email with Userid
    2. Logon to A911 website with Userid and get a Password sent to you via email
    3. Using new Password, log back into A911 website and begin to add your device information
    4. Click on icon at left to get the special code
    5. Logon to the Mobile application and assign the special code to your phone
    6. Locate (from where?) the special email addr that you need to provide to your local 911 dispatching agency instructing them to (do what specifically?)
    7. wait for your 911 agency to generate emails to this address such that your phone will now start to see alerts
    8. Add more phones to your account by adding the user's specific information for phone, email, etc
    9. Instruct each user to logon to the A911 website with their email addr
    10. Follow same steps 2-5 to enable your mobile phone with the special code
  • Brendan, this is a good idea.  I'll suggest it.
  • Well, our trial for our small FH was successful and we ordered 10 licenses, and I added them to our FH acct and paid for them,,,and setup their profiles....and...some weeks later they are still waiting on the magic email from Step 2 above...I would have thought this to be rather quick,,,did I miss a step somewhere?
  • Brendan, the process above is mostly correct. The new devices are not automatically emailed log in instructions. Most device holders never actually log in themselves. Their admins typically provide them with their device code or direct them to log in on their own to view their own code. Instructions for that can be found here in the wiki or here in the forums.
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