Webview as "command/Dispatch" center?
  • We are working with Active911 system to keep track of responses during large public events. Our problem is there are no addresses associated with the information sent by the CAD system, or geocode information.
    For US at least it would be nice to be able to click on a location on the map in Webview and add an alert geocoded to the point where you clicked.
    anyone else think that would be nice?
  • That would be great, Since right now if you send an alert and it doesn't hit right on the map you don't have a way to undo it or change it.

  • This has been added as of the most recent webview version.  Make sure you have "send alert" privileges set for the webview device you are using... now just click somewhere on the map to send an alarm there
  • Maybe I'm missing something.  I have my laptop setup under my account with "Full" access and when I click the map, it doesn't do anything. I can double-click and zoom the webview. 
  • Refresh? Works for me in IE
  • Alright, apparently there was some updates on the regular device editing side too that I didn't find before.  There never used to be a PC option, but after I changed to that, there was a check-box on the device setup to allow/disallow alerts.  That's what the issue was.  I changed it from a tablet like it originally had to be setup as.  It's under the device settings that only the admin can access, not your own device settings on the first tab.
  • I wonder if instead of just GPS coordinates if it could also determine from the google map what the address of that location is and send that for the address.