Alert Tones and Vibration
  • Anyway to make the alert tone play continually?  Plays and vibrates for just a few seconds.  Would prefer it acts like an alarm that continues until I cancel.
  • Or just make the alert tone play for a longer duration.
  • This was the exact Q I wanted to post!
  • Oops didn't notice I was still in Android app forum . I meant for iOS

  • When your phone wakes up and plays the alert tone, it's actually Apple playing the tone -- not the app.  That sounds strange, since the sound is one that came with the app.  However, Apple makes the sending server specify what sound to play -- and then it plays that sound without ever waking up the app.

    This means that we don't have any direct control over how long the sound is played.  However, you can choose a ring sound that is particularly long or loud and it should play the whole thing.  I think mini2 is fairly long, you might try using that.  We could also try making a long version of one of the tones and including it in a future release.
  • " We could also try making a long version of one of the tones and including it in a future release."

    Yes please.... :)

    Maybe select a handful of them, and make 2x and 3x versions of them.
    Just an idea.
  • Gents
    I know there is a lot on the go, but I have departments in our area resisting to go to this app because of the short alert on the iPhones. Can you please consider making alerts 1 minute long and sending out an update. Consideration for this request is greatly appreciated.
  • Not sure how it is done on iPhone, but on my android, I took a 49 second MP3 file and put it into my ringtones folder.... later I just selected that as my alert tone for Active911 ... maybe that's possible on iPhones too.    

    Here are couple links to get you started:

    and download the MP4  to convert the MP4 to MP3

    (yes, I'm a bit of a nerd). :D

  • Does anyone know how to do this with an iPhone? Our staff is having the same concern...we would just like the alert to go on longer to be sure to get folks' attention!
  • The upcoming iOS app update has a new ringtone that is quite long.  It's called Fast Beep Long.
  • My Settings button disappeared off my android. I can't seem to find a place to change my ringtone
  • Please contact our support phone line, they are the best way to troubleshoot any issues with Active911.
  • I'm missing some of the alert tones. Specifically the old emergency 51 tones. How do I get them downloaded to my phone. I already have the app on my phone. Any help would be appriciated.
  • Will you finally be able to implement custom alert tones for iOS with the rollout of iOS 8 next week?
  • Is there some way that the iPhone can be set on silent or vibrate, yet still have the alert tones?