Input needed for trouble parts on the website...
  • Ok, we realize that we have been absent in forums and late on ticket responses at times, especially lately.

    We need everyone's help on improving some aspects of our site and service. A full 50% of tickets and phone calls we receive are about password resets, getting device codes, and finding the payment buttons.

    1. Password resets: On the member access page, above the password field it says "Password (Unsure? Leave it blank - we'll help you find it)." We receive hundreds of tickets and calls about this. Do we need to add a "Forgot password?" button that might be more familiar to people? It seems like the current wording is either unclear or not noticable enough. Should we bold this? Add the new button?

    2. Device codes: Each person gets a device code for their device and then forgets it. They need to know how to retrieve it by logging in themselves or having their account admin give to them. We are not supposed to hand out device codes over email or phone, although we sometimes make exceptions. We have operated under the assumption that the account admin is training people to use the app and how to log in, and people are not getting rid of their device code. What could we do to let people know that they need to talk to their account admins to get their device code. Normally when we reply to an email or phone call telling them they need to talk to their account admin, they don't know who that is or that person is unreachable. Any suggestions here?

    3. Payments: There are three payment buttons throughout the site at various times. The first of which is the large blue button that says "Fix this now." We recieive a lot of calls and emails because people don't know where to pay after their trial runs out. Is there a better way to do it than the "Fix this now button"? We have encountered this again with the renewal button at the top, so after a year of being on our website and despite doing it once before, this is still not clicking for people. Any suggestions? The next payment button people miss is the "+ Devices" under the Agency tab for adding devuice subscriptions to their agency account. It is halfway down the page in the section with the rest of the agency subscription information. We put it here because this is where the admins can check how many subscriptions they have and howmany they have used. I think the button needs to be blue, just like the reset of the payment buttons. Does this sound good, or do we need to do something else? The last payment button is located in the individual tab, the one a log in user sees when they first log in. Most people don't know how to log in individually, and it seems like their admins are not telling them how to do it. We are working on adding some direction for these users, but does anyone have any suggestions for this as well?

    Thanks in advance for your help. We want the site to be as intuitive and easy to navigate as possible and understand that we need to work on these trouble areas.

    As a note, this thread is ONLY for discussing these three issues. I am trying to collect this information on a single thread. Unrelated posts will be deleted. I do not like deleting posts and apologize in advance if your gets cut for being off topic. I will try to send you a pm if I delete your post.
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  • As for + Devices, I personally had a problem finding it - I did eventually, but it was not easy, or intuitive honestly. I almost called you guys :P (that would be my first call to you guys..) - I would suggest that when you list devices, and can edit their settings, add new devices etc - that theres a button or a simple clickable text even - that says 'Need more Devices?"  -- that would help a lot of people I would imagine. Also just simply when someone tries to Add a device, have it bring a informative window saying you are currently out of devices, would you like to purchase more for your agency?" Yes/No. 

    Also add the process to your websites' FAQ - I looked there too after first not finding it, with no avail. before I found it after thoroughly looking for it again on the actual website.

    That's about it. I also noticed once I added more devices - which was instant, when I went to add the 51st device it was faded out to add a device. (yet I could click it) - just a FYI.

    EDIT: The option to use agency subscription was faded , on the 51st device , after ordering 25 more devices - where the website said 50 users of 75 -- etc.Keep in mind it DID work, by clicking it - but it was faded - so it put me off guard a few thinking It was not an available choice).
  • Maybe you need a Agency Subscription tab in the admin view. During the trial it will explain in simple terms they are in a trial period until XX/XX/XX along with having this information displayed on every admin page.

    While paid, they will have details of how many subscriptions they have used (the link to add more) - when they expire (the link to renew) and previous invoices.

    Then you could list some help articles such as letting people know if they have a subscription with one agency they don't need one for another.


    Now another idea is when an admin adds a user they are given a choice to send a welcome email (like Google Apps does). This welcome email could include their device code (telling them not to loose it!) a list of help articles about filters and duty status along with simple instructions on how to login.

    You could also include a field the admin could pre-fill with whatever information they want such as information on who to contact for assistance (the admin, not A911 or Central) or information about adding additional devices etc...
  • Active911, you need to fix your ticket / support system like yesterday.  At $12 a device, as soon as one person calls / writes for support, you've lost money on them.  You need to stop handling support for users immediately.  

    Take the Google Apps approach.  Google gives Apps admins complete control over their domain and users.  If a user clicks on Support in a Google Apps account, they are given the contact info for the Apps domain admin, not Google.  Google can't possibly support all those users that are getting a free or very inexpensive service.  Neither can you.

    If a user needs support, the support page should ask them for their State then allow them to select their Fire Department and then let them fill out the ticket.  That way, the ticket goes to the department admin and not Active911.  

    As an admin, I expect (want) to handle the support requests for my firefighters.  I work with them.  I know them.  I want to know the issues they are having.  I can solve them way faster than you can and be much more successful at it.  Give me that opportunity.  You are burying yourselves under a mountain of support issues that you have created.  It's time to hit the reset button, claim support amnesty and fix that system.  The only ones that should be contacting you (Active911) for support are department admins. Period.  I can't expect anymore from you for $12 per device.  You are not TriTech. You are not selling me an expensive support contract and a team of people to back that up.  Stop supporting the end user and support the administrators.

    I have sat across the table from Joseph and offered my help.  Other users have done the same.  Use us.  Your help section sucks, to be honest.  It needs to be totally re-written.  We can do that.  We can build you a searchable wiki or FAQ / help section.  We'll do it for free because we want you to focus on OUR issues and make the product better.  Give a group of volunteers 60 days to create a totally new wiki and get it useable.  They'll do it and it will be great.  Doesn't have to look perfect, it needs to work and be searchable / editable.

    Once you get out from under the support mountain, you can start looking at building the business, but at the moment, you're drowning and no matter how many support people you throw at the problem, I don'y think you'll ever fix it before you run out of money.  $12 / year does not buy you any support to be honest.  That is my job as the admin.  Give me the tools to do it.

    I have way more to say on this thread but I think you need to fix one thing first before you start trying to make other parts fixable.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • I am busy answering tickets (yeah, I know, need to pare that down), so just a quick little input.

    I have tossed the idea around here about starting a wiki. I think it is the way to go. You guys often know more about exactly what you need than we do. We can help you find it if need be, but you know your guys better.

    This is definitely the topic of our company meeting tomorrow. I will update your tomorrow afternoon.
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  • On retrieving device codes, maybe a "Forgot Device Code" button on the user page that sends an email to the agency primary contact? As others have pointed out, that should be our job, not yours...

    As for support, I agree with Chad -- A911 should only be getting requests from "authorized" users, be that the Admin or a separate "Support" user. Don't know how to force that unless you required all support requests to come from registered users and any other "Contact" messages will be ignored if it's a support request.

  • Thanks guys, we're starting a wiki.  I posted more on this in another thread.

    The wiki should be announced this week...
  • I am the IT Manager for a large organization.  I can tell you, based on my experience, users are idiots and no matter how stupid simple you make things, users won't be able to figure it out.  That being said there are a couple of simple web changes you can make to address the issue you have listed here.

    1. Password resets: The "leave it blank" option is good, but it is not normally what a person sees on websites they visit, so they're not used to it.  A link that says "Forgot Password" that opens up a simple html page with a blank for email address and a submit button would be more what people are used to seeing.

    2. Device codes: Couple things you can do here to make everyone's life a bit simpler.  #1, when an admin setup a device, have it automatically text a simple set of instructions to the phone number they put in.  Include things like where to download the app, their device code, etc.  I would guess that 95% or better are phones that have a phone number assigned.  

    Most likely, the problem with device codes come when users change their phone (but keep their number).  I would suggest a button on the app of the device that prompts the user to enter their phone number and sends your system a signal.  You could code an automatic response to the message to reply with their activation code.  Since the reply would only go to the device with that phone number, there is no chance of it going to the wrong person (even if someone was trying to "steal" someone else's code).

    3. Payments: I would have the system send an email to the admin directly with a link that takes them directly to the payment page.  Hopefully you could code the page so that all of the information is pre-entered and all they have to do is select payment type, and hit PAY NOW.

    You guys have an EXCELLENT product here.  You've done an amazing job and I encourage you to keep up the good work.
  • Good suggestions.  We're working on a bunch of infrastructure stuff right now but once we get the time to smooth out the UI workflow I'd like to implement something similar to what you suggest.