Printing Option
  • The abilty to print might be a great addition. I.E. when a call comes in like an AFA at a hospital Acive911 (Webview) prints the PIP for that building, So the first responding appliance has a PIP to work from (If needed)

    To get it to work maybe the admin could enter certain key words linked to those documents IE - AFA COLES SHOPPING CENTRE. the key word maybe COLES and then webview knows to print the PIP For COLES in our suburb.

    Or the printer option could print a map and direction to the job from the Fire Station.

    The option should be able to toggle ON/OFF as real busy station wouldnt want a PIP printed every day for a certain building they always go to.

    I know alot of station have printouts (but some stations,like ours dont have it)

    Just food for thought

  • We're using a system now and migrating to Active911.  The current system actually prints 2 maps showing where the call is located.  There's the overview between the station and the call locaton, and then a zoomed in view of the neighborhood/property.  It includes hydrant locations..etc.. on the zoomed in view.  It also prints any preplan information for the incident location. If Active911 could do something similar to this, it'd be great!
  • We are trying to get rid of our legacy rip run printers in favor of Active911 with iPads... Some issues to work out but going paperless will save our county a lot of money!
  • Don,t get rid of you rip and run printers you get ISO credit for them and don't for active 911
  • Agree with Ryan P., We would also like to see that functionality. 1 sheet for each apparatus driver with call location and drive directions from station.
  • Yes, we are wanting to add a print option at some point, but we have not scheduled it for development yet. I am pressing the developers for a customer facing development schedule.
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