• Please create a way the admin of the account can turn off the Watch from showing up. Another choice be allowed to choose when the user doesn't press anything it shows them unavailable.We would like to only see the members response.
  • Will this happen for 2014? Our company wants to switch over to active 911 but we dont like that if you open the app it automatically shows you "watching" which would be mistaken for responding.
  • Considering the options you have with customizing the buttons I don't think you could mistake a Watch status for a response. It is clearly defined on the response pages.
  • I agree having a way to turn off the watch feature would be helpful.  For example when we have to tone out for a working structure fire, we tone out three departments and we have 20 registered users for each department and over half of the members are watching and when someone responds it just pops up anywhere in the list so I  have to try to browse thru the list of people responding to see if i need to tone out for another department because I don't have enough people responding. 
  • We will look in to this soon.

    Until then, I would suggest having people who are not on shift turn their device to off duty. The idea behind the watching feature is that those people are potential responders who have not selected a response yet. If they aren't responding, they should click not responding. If they are not on duty and available for calls, their device should be turned to off duty. That was our thought when it was created and how the vast majority of people use it.

    This is why the app gives you a summary of the people who are responding, so that your don't have to sort through the list. You can glance at it and know that x number of people have hit the responding button and are responding. If your people are not hitting responding, maybe they just don't know how it works?

    In an effort to gather information to improve this, why are people not hitting the response buttons in your departments? Is there something we could streamline that would make it easier than hitting a button in the center of the page? Is there and easier way for a person to go on an off duty so they are not getting calls they aren't going to respond to?
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  • This is supposed to be the very next thing released in the near future.  I really hope it comes through soon.
  • The only things we were looking into up to this point, Ryan P., was a way to hide the watch list on maps and Webview. We always need the watch feature because it is the only way we can see if someone actually got the call. To add a way to completely disable this in the admin account options will take a while. This is the first time we have had this request and it may be behind quite a few other requests.
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  • Tyler,

    The reason I see us not using the response buttons is because we want to tie the accounts to units, and not people. 

    Currently, people can't do a natural progression of status - for example, I can flip back and forth between responding and on scene all I want. We want to see that people have to naturally progress through them, and say, only a dispatcher can override incorrect status.

    Also, we would love to be able to turn response buttons off in general for some users.
  • Noted.

    That progression idea is an interesting one...
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  • Looking for a developer? lol.

    I'm using my experience with one department's professional, fortune 500 company developed, hand crafted CAD/MDT as the basis for our deployment on apparatus for testing which should be happening soon. We want to be able to push/pull unit status to Active911, but we won't test this if the API is changing, based on what has been said in blog posts. We are looking for Active911 to fully replace MDTs in at least some of our units.
  • We have Active 911 in a dozen apparatus in testing now - that are the sole MDTs.

    Lotsa bugs, some huge ones - and I have reported them countless times- but the good news is it's coming. The big problem honestly is we need a Windows x86 native application - and that is coming.. sometime, in.. 2014..


    Now if you do not need other x86 native applications in your appratus, then you can already use Active 911 via Ipads, or Android Tablets w/ celluar. (hell, even cell phones), for your mobile MDTs.

    We do use multiple x86 applications though, so we need a x86, stable A911 product in our case.

    They are most def looking for developers btw - as noted in the forums, even today from Tyler. You gotta find the link on the homepage, then do the resume process, and then take a 'test' - if you pass, i think you'd be golden.
  • Problem with Watch is for instance 11280796 I hit UNAVIL three times before it would stick.

    Dispatch sends first alert - Hit UNAVIL
    Dispatch sends second alert - Responses are cleared - Hit UNAVIL again
    Dispatch sends yet another alert - Responses are cleared - Hit UNAVIL again

    Not sure what is going on here.....
  • I am the Admin person for our dispatch center and we have 12 agencies, about 200 devices, using the Active 911 System.  Time and time again I keep getting asked if we can shut off the Watch feature.  I was under the impression from Active 911 that you were going to make it an option, not required.  We have people that are on 1 or 2 departments but like to see other departments too.  We don't want to see everyone that looked at the call, only those who push one of the response buttons.  I understand what Active 911 was thinking, but it is a real hindrance.  We just want to see who has pushed a response button and not those who just looked.  If they can't understand they need to push a button, that is something they are going to have to learn.
  • Michael E., normally it does that when your cell phone is not connecting to the internet very well at the time the button is pressed. When it calls in to push info but can't connect due to a network error, switching towers, etc, the request might not go through; it also has to go from your phone, through your wifi or cell network, back to our servers. Since the app auto updates while open, it then pulls the information that it has on the server to update the app. Because the push from your phone wasn't successful or hasn't completed yet, it changes it back to watch.

    You should be able to determine if this is what is happening by testing it on a wifi network, which should be faster than cell data.
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  • I don't know about that because I can see my status reset on the responses. I can also see it disappear on webview and also if I look at the responses on my phone I see other members responses reset back to Watch. It also turns blue.

    It really seems to have something to do with getting multiple alerts. If I wait until after the alerts are sent I never have an issue.

    I have had an issue before when I hit a response and the app wouldn't do anything. I assume that is a result connectivity issues?
  • I will say that the watch is very annoying... Heck id like to only be able to see "responding". We are a volunteer dept and people don't want to turn to "off duty" because they still want to see the calls even while they're on vacation and not around.
    I'm not a programmer so I won't think it will be easy or hard... But a filter would be nice to only display what we want to see.
  • I second Chris L.  We have 120 volunteers.  There is no "on duty" or "off duty" time for them.  So, when we get a call, there are tons of people listed in "watch" which serves us no use.  It's especially annoying on webview and the #1 reason we can't use webview in our stations.  It's way too cluttered with 100 "watch" statuses.

    The best solution would be a global switch for the department to hide/show "watch" status as well as a per button option to hide/show.  We have an "Unavailable" button and while I want that logged, I don't need it showing up in webview either - I only care about those responding.
  • toggle to show those who actually rec'd the alarm (watch) and those who have responded is a good fix...we wont' ever have more than 20 users but I can see people complaining when they have to scroll thru 3 pages to see who responded.  Ideally, respondents should filter to top whereas 'watchers' don't...
  • Brendan, That is a good idea. Tyler if you are unable to add a "fix" to toggle on/off the watch status. Can you make it so the page on which the personnel are responding filter to the top of the page and the watchers are on the bottom? This helps tremendously for our Officers when scrolling thru 25+ members to see their status.

    Can you give an estimated time line when we can possibly see action on this fixes?

    Thanks so much!!
  • Yep the "disable WATCH status" feature is being worked on right now.  Should be out by the end of the month.