Webview Format
  • Just curious if webview requires Flash to operate properly. Thanks.
  • I believe it's HTML5, so no.  One of the active911 support personnel should be able to clarify this for sure though.
  • No, Flash is not needed. Just an HTML5 compliant browser, which reminds me, we have heard from some that IE11 is not playing nicely with us. Anyone else see this?

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  • I'm trying to confirm Webview will work on a smart tv. Went to BestBuy and confirmed it did on a samsung that had flash. Want to look at a few other options.
  • Interesting idea, would like to see a video of that!
  • Again, no Flash needed. We run it on our Panasonic's that don't have Flash built in.
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  • Can the TVs be set to auto launch the URL in the event of a power failure?
  • To answer your question - IE 11 does work but sound does not, due to the alert file being in .ogg format. If you swap the alert to a mp3 format for example, it would though ;) I put the fix snippet of code for your webview on my post about webview bug reporting thread I made last year. (back in the summer or thereabouts) - IE 11 It also can scroll/pan w/ tablets, touch etc.

    IE does not support ogg, but pretty much every other browser does. Unfortunately, if you use any other browser on tablets, you can not move the map at all. Active 911 webview's google map API must be out of date though, because I can scroll maps.google.com no problem w/ Google chrome keep in mind - but I can not w/ Webview. 

    I would prefer to use Google Chrome on our tablets and Webview in our apparatus, as it would fix issues w/ the sound working, being able to click the preplans on the map we uploaded via your web service, and also would let us track our units better. In IE theres serious issues w/ these aspects of Webview. IE is horrible for some reason at tracking our apparatus via Webview. 

    I understand a native Windows application is underway sometime this year, but in the meantime - If you could get Google Chrome to work w/ Windows 8/8.1 Touch tablets etc, that would be great! It would fix a lot of our issues. 

    Also another big issue, is if signal gets lost for even a second w/ Webview when we are out using mobility, the Webview will lose connected status and go to Connecting.. status and sit there forever. The only way to reconnect is to refresh. If you could figure a way for Webview to detect if no heartbeat is detected/connection after 'x' set time, and would reconnect it would fix this issue as well. (which is a big one, and would save your company on refreshes, because I guarantee a lot of your customers are refreshing a lot more then you'd like them to due to this)

    Hope you had a good new years, and Christmas Tyler.

    IT Director

  • Carl, we have an older Google TV (smart tv) w/ built in google chrome browser, and Webview works on it NP - we use it in our Administartion Building and its up pretty much 24/7, and stays connected w/out issue.