Get a phone or tablet for Christmas? Need to your service switched over?
  • Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all have an enjoyable day, hopefully without to much excitement over your Active911 service!

    This past summer my phone went belly up. Luckily I was able to convince my wife that I needed to upgrade at that time (by buying her a phone too), so I know I am not getting a phone in the morning. But chances are a percentage of our user base will get new devices in the morning and need to get them set up on their account. If even 1 percent of of our 120,000+ users call in or email us for help, our help desk will be swamped for days! And so without further ado, Active911's Guide to New Devices!

    1. REPLACEMENT PHONE/TABLET: If you receive a new device and need to replace your existing phone, the swap is quick and easy. Your account admin can change the phone number for you, although this is not required right off the bat (it should be done ASAP, though). They can also provide you with your device code. Just install the app on your new phone or tablet and register it using the same code you had on your old phone. You can also log in yourself and view your code by following the directions here. We cannot give out device codes over the phone or through email! You must get it from your admin or log in yourself.

    2. 2ND DEVICE NEEDS TO BE ADDED: If you receive a device that you want to add to your account in addition to your current device, it will need to be added to the account roster and receive it's own code. Your account admin is the only one who can add devices to the account roster. They can then provide you with the code and either cover your device with an agency subscription, or you can log in and pay for your device yourself (here).

    *When contacting your account admin to have a device added, you need to provide them with the same email address you used for your first device, what type of device you have (phone or tablet, NOT model, carrier, etc), a phone number (for phones), and whether your device is an Android or iOS device, or other smartphone. This will allow them to set the correct page type.

    Please, your number one resource for help setting up a device should be your account admin.

    TLDR: Only your account admin is authorized to give out device codes since we are not able to verify ID over the phone or email. You can also log in to view your device code and pay for new device subscriptions (if you are going add a tablet or something) yourself, although your account admin will first need to add it to the roster.
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