Device Subscriptions Question
  • Our Department has 122 device subscriptions that we supply to our members at no charge. Some members belong to multiple departments that use Active911 and use the device code from our paid account with the other departments. If/when the member leaves our department or is no longer in good standing and we wish to discontinue their subscription how do I completely delete their account?? 

    When I delete their account with my department it leaves their account still active with the other departments with our activation code, how do we keep that from happening???

    Thanks in advance!

  • You need to change their device to 'Require personal purchase' and save it before clicking delete. Make sure your available subscription count goes up by one and then select delete.
    Active911, Inc
  • So what if I have already deleted them before I did this? If we still have subscriptions available at the end of the year what happens to them?