Active 911 and Iron Compass
  • Hello,


    I'm trying to find out whether it is possible to send Active 911 pages to the mapping program On Scene Explorer made by Iron Compass. This would be to a PC via email and would enable us to find the location on the mapping program and read the notes, etc. Let me know! Thanks!

  • Maybe you could direct Iron Compass towards A911's API? Outside of that, they do not presently have an email out option. That would have to come from your dispatch sending to both A911 and Iron Compass.
  • Patrick, there is a way to have a single copy of your Active911 pages forwarded on to some location.  It's not in the user settings, you have to contact support and have them configure it.

    Of course, whether Iron Compass will know what to do with the email or not is another matter.. I'm not sure if they can read our format or not.