Can Active911 work the same on a Tough Book Laptop Touch screen as a Tablet?
  • We have a Tough Book laptop in our truck with USB Wireless Net. Is there a way to use active911 to track the unit on the call with the maps like on the IOS and Android apps?
  • You can use Webview, but it has it's limitations.

    There is a nice thread here discussing results using webview in the apparatus. I think a lot of it is specific to Windows 8 though.
  • Looks like we should have an actual PC app in 2014.
  • Agreed a PC app would be great. I would like to put A911 on our units without having to buy more hardware.
  • @Joseph S.
    Can I get an email/alert from you guys once one is available?

    I would be happy to test out an Alpha or Beta version as well
  • @ Joseph S.

    Any word yet on the new PC App?

  • Any update on the PC App?
  • I would like to know as well. 

    I would prefer to have Microsoft Surfaces in our engines and ambulances instead of a basic IOS or Android tablet. Microsoft Surfaces run full versions of Windows 8.1. I would be happy to beta test.
  • We have been focusing on the various Microsoft platforms. There is a blog post from a few months back describing some of our plans:

    The Windows Phone App has been released and the Windows 8 Tablet App is in development. The PC app will share much of the same code and is in the pipeline.