Active 911 - PC version? Webview compatability issues w/ Touch Tablets, etc.
  • How far are we from being able to test a PC version of Active 911? 

    We have many issues and are trying to use Active 911 the way we need, but the compatibility issues w/ Webview and different browsers are staggering. 

    Here's a summary/explanation of what we are finding:

    Google Chrome and Webview (Windows 8/8.1 on Touch Tablets) 

    Alert sound works

    .json extension works (We can grab pre plans, and box maps off of our uploaded data long/lat locations we mark via Webview/Mobile app platforms) 

    GPS tracking is much better

    We can not pan/zoom, move in any way, no cursor is available etc. (We can pan/zoom, and we have a mouse cursor w/ , but not Webview - so again this is a Webview related issue, not a google maps issue)

    Unfortunately the above issue makes this browser unusable , but to be a second device code sitting in the background just updating GPS updates better.

    IE 10/11 (Windows 8/8.1 on Touch Tablets)

    No Alert Sound (fix was given in my previous and detailed webview post, explaining bugs etc - IE does not support .ogg audio format , simple programming copy/paste fix is included in that post - which will fix this! ) 

    No .JSON extension support. IE 10/11 does not support opening these extensions (which is simply grabbing from google api to give the data we uploaded via the map data uploading widget on your website) - so in result, we can not view our pre plans, or custom uploaded data via this platform/browser. (which is the ONLY browser that supports panning/zooming properly inside Webview using Windows 8/8.1 and Touch Tablets FYI!) 

    Tracking is 40% reliable. We sometimes see something pop up, but it is very unreliable, and doesn't even report on the map after the initial load up of Webview - Google Chrome will 80% of the time or more report the location of the unit upon initial loading of Webview for example, and though its not real time reporting, or as reliable as the MOBILE platform of apps/GPS tracking - it is much better than IE which doesn't seem to report much at all on these configurations. I have also tried external GPS adapters and using GPSGate w/ no more reliability. The test within GPSGate does report the correct long/lat and so does the test using Windows 8 mapping which is included, marks me w/ GPS and the 100% correct location every time FYI - so its an issue in Webview itself on this front, w/ how it reports and doesn't currently properly.

    Panning/zooming - navigation w/in Webview works great! (and the only browser that does w/ W8/W8.1 on a Touch Tablet!) 

    Extensive Testing(Over 7 months of testing!)  w/ a dozen Apparatus live w/ over 3000 calls a year using Active 911 mobile w/ our Tablets w/ a pretty much 100% stable connection! 

    I have been testing things extensively for a long time now, and we have a lot of bugs/collected data I have been reporting - I have potential fixes to these issues, I have found and have posted some of them in my previous thread. I have fixes for the mouse cursor issue, and I have fixes/easier alternatives to implement for the json issue. Just feel free to ask me, or read my post/suggestions/feedback etc.

    We have Active 911 pretty much working stability wise (connection, etc) very stable now, mobile/live in our apparatus. We just need some fixes w/ the above issues, some that are very serious , and ultimately.. we need a PC native application that works like your mobile apps! 

    Android Testing in a Windows Enviorment

    With an Android Emulator and CadPage - we have it working 100% so connectivity was a moot issue, but the mapping as you can imagine was awful because emulators do not support GPS very well. But the promise is there, it can be done - your platform will work, we just need a proper application that is designed to do all the things you have programmed thus far in the mobile platforms.

    Unfortunately on the Android emulation testing side inside Windows - The new Active 911 for Android requires Google Play Services updated. This is not possible in an emulated Android environment currently - and this makes the testing w/ Active 911 for Android impossible currently. Cadpage works very good though, except the mapping/gps side of things. It's very buggy since GPS is not very good in emulation.


    Feel free to email me, call me, whatever. I'd be happy to help w/ some of the above issues in the meantime(which I have been offering, FREE OF CHARGE-even though I PAY YOU), because currently IE 10/11 is the ONLY browser compatible w/ Active 911's Webview on this Touch enabled Windows 8/8.1 Platform.

    Windows 8/8.1 , Touch Tablets - they are the biggest commodity these days, and are pushing forward and are more affordable then ever now a days. It makes sense to have this application out there (at least for testing) now and, yesterday.

    The same tablets we use and purchased less than a year ago that cost us $900 are now $650! This solution is not that much more expensive than the IPAD route. Only w/ Windows Platforms we can use many other programs that are designed for Windows natively as well. It just made sense to go Windows Tablets vs using IPADs. There are also 7" W8.1 Tablets out there now, that can do wonders w/ your app! (That cost less than $300!)

    Thanks for reading!

    Adam R.

  • Also to note, Google Canary (latest Develeoper build in process, and downloadable if you want to test this!)

    With a Touch Tablet and Windows 8/8.1 - pans/zooms! it works finally! - but Webview in Google Canary still does not unfortunately.. Is there a newer map api you need to implement in Webview perhaps? if works - then Webview should since its using Google maps right? If we could pan/zoom in Google Chrome this would fix alot of issues! 

    * GPS tracking is much better! 
    * Alert Sound works! (.ogg is supported!)
    * We can open our uploaded Mapping Data (preplans/box maps, etc) (,JSON works!)

    So it's either lets fix Webview to pan/zoom in Google Chrome! -or-- we ultimately will need that PC APP that is designed to do all this from the ground up! 

    Adam R.
  • Also a little bit of joking - If people feel it's such a high priority w/ one of the highest of votes in the suggestions to improve Active 911 is to add..

     Leeeeroooyyy Jeeennkiiinnnss!! as a ringtone alert? Here's the sound clip - you added a dozen or so added alerts w/ Active 911 for Android - so I know you guys can add this w/ an update very easily.. Here you go:

    There - that's off the list.

    On to more important requests like.. Active 911 for PC?  ;)