Location Tracking
  • Good Day... I was wondering if there was a way to keep the program running in the background. I notice that when the application closed it stops tracking the person or unit. That's not bad but if someone has there screen lock after a min or two the program, I think, shuts down and it no longer tracks the response. I am not sure on how the programming works but maybe there is a way to set the shutdown of the program to 10 min so it will only track for 10 min from the time you open or click responding... I could be completely off on this but that is what I have experienced. I have already told my guys if they do not want to be tracked to turn GPS of in the settings.
  • The iOS app keeps the app running until you put it in the background (that is, it disables sleep).  If your device is sleeping then you are probably talking about Cadpage, so you might want to submit a request to them.

    We can't make the app report your position when in the background because it would be a privacy concern.  If we are tracking you, we want you to know it. :)