CommandCAD in Prince Georges County, MD and Active 911?
  • Anyone able to utilize active 911 with CommandCAD or have a seperate way anyone in PG county Maryland is currently being used?
  • Hey Stefan, were you able to find a solution? I am currently looking at Active911 to get our pages, I am a volunteer in PGCO as well. 
  • We have a lot of people in PG who are using the system. Probably the best implementation of it is done by District Heights. They have it set up really well.

    Your county recently switched from RSAN to Everbridge, but the interface is pretty similar. You will need to contact your dispatch center to get set up on the Everbridge system, but once you have that going, you can forward calls to your Active911 alert email address. You will need to select the various groups in the Everbridge system that your department wants calls for. Once you have those selected and calls going to your Active911 alert email address, you can add your department's devices to the devices roster. 

    Please give us a call if you need anything else!
    Active911, Inc
  • Anyone from district heights able to provide insight on this? Also, if the calls are delayed to active 911, how do decrease the lag time for notifications? 
  • So, are you (A911 support) saying that you are able to parse through an everbridge alert and feed that into the traditional A911 interface?