Member apart of multiple organizations
  • Please create a way that either the account that is paying for or started the user's device under the account can only update the members name. All the others will not be able to change it (Gray out all the info so it can't be changed). Ideally it would be nice if each organization can have the ability to customize the names as they feel fit.
  • Yeah, I've found some people do First Last while thers do Last, First, and even others put a position identifier in the name field, which for another department may not be pertinent.  It should auto-populate when you do the multi-device, but then if it's edited, should only edit for that specific department.  That would alleviate that problem.  I do notice too that when you use a multi-device key, it doesn't always pull the device type in.  You have to select what device/app they're using each time.