Multiple Devices
  • What is the best way to register devices if someone wants Active 911 on a phone and a tablet? Is there more than one way to do this?
  • As an example, we provide one subscription per employee. If someone wanted a tablet we would add the device in Active911 but would check the box that says "Require personal purchase". That employee would then have to pay their own fee for the second device.

    So you would need your agency administrator to add the second device and however it is paid for is between you and them.
  • I think you should be able to setup one user then they can use one code to login on their phone, Web, & tablet.
  • Curious about this as well. I have my phone and tablet set up to test, but they both show up on the map. Can one code be used without cutting off the initially registered device?
  • I'm assuming separate codes are needed because of the push alerting going to codes.
  • Yes, separate codes are needed. Each code is used to generate a unique Apple Push or Google Cloud Messaging registration code that we send the alert to.  You can enter the registration code into multiple devices, but you won't be able get the alerts on more than one device at once that might not be predictable.
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