Text size
  • I like the app (pop ups are being addressed, I assume), but I wish the text size was larger on the address, call type (title) and units. If the text for those items was the size and boldness of the agency, details and external links...that would be better for me. 
  • I agree with this suggestion.  It's a great app with maybe just a few more tweaks needed.  I would prefer the info relevant to the particular call be the larger (bold or selectable font) font and the agency id be smaller (if even needed).  Other info such as CAD#s, Active911#'s, can be reduced in size too.  One other note might be to make the time of the call and the time the device receives the call two separate times.  This lets me know if there's a delay in the page that goes out (sometimes close to 30 mins or longer)

    Thanks for a good piece of software

    TLMFPD Fire Chief