Issue trying to respond to alert
  • There seems to be an issue with pressing unavailable, respond, available. Have to try and press it several times before it will highlight. Then when i back out of the app it changes me to Watch.
  • Is this with android? I had someone have the same issue
  • When you press the button, it has to transmit that choice back to the server. If it resets, it means your phone did not connect to the data or cell network long enough to transmit the signal. This can often happen around buildings where the data connection can be jumping between access points and cell data. If our server is not able to get the response, the app resets to the default so you see what every one else sees.

    If we made it so it stayed no matter what, you could potentially respond to the scene, thinking that is where everyone thinks you are going, when in all actuality, they are waiting for a people at the station and your department default is set to 'respond to station.'

    Active911, Inc
  • I think our problem is we get two alerts for each call, so if you press a button after the first alert when the duplicate alert comes in it clears out whatever you pressed.