Mapping not always working
  • About 3/4 of calls do not map correctly.  It seems on the calls that show "destination not mappable" when the data translates over to google maps, the destination shows "South Atlantic Ocean".  I uninstalled and put CADpage back in - every call maps ok via the same navigation program (google).

    edit - 10/3/13: found out that mapping via active911's app only works within 20 miles of the account billing address per "understanding mapping" section of
    Will use CADpage for now.
  • I've confirmed this happening over three different android devices.
  • We seem to have alot of trouble with mapping.  It says not mappable but when I get home from a run and go to Google maps it has no problem finding address.  Not sure what the problem is but going to contact support soon.
  • It is possible that dispatch is not sending us a latitude and longitude or that our parser for you is not pulling in the latitude and longitude. We prefer to have latitude and longitude coordinates because it removes the guesswork and gives an exact location for routing. Contact and they will help you find a solution for the problem.
  • As a note to Bill's original issue, the default is 20 miles, however support can alter that distance to whatever is needed. The default is simply there to eliminate possible duplicates due to identical street names and addresses in some counties.

    Also, Cadpage and Active911 do not use the same mapping process. While Active911 does display the Google Maps base layer, it uses the coordinates specified by dispatch if possible and then defaults to Google's geocoding service or our own new internal geocoding system, Wiz, if dispatch doesn't send coordinates.
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