Android App not Alerting audibly or vibration
  • Multiple users have downloaded the new Android App and have mentioned not getting any type of audio alert or vibration alert after plugging in the reg code. I have checked their device settings on the Admin side. Is this a bug? 
  • I've seen that test messages only show up in the notifications bar with no accompanying sound or vibration. I have only had one call come in since installing the Android App last night, and it did sound off and vibrate, however the selected ringtone had changed back to the default. I've gone into settings and changed the ringtone and it has reverted back to default sometimes right away, sometimes a while later. It may be a bug, I'll keep an eye on it.

  • It currently will not audible/vibrate alert in version 1.20 (initial release) when sending a test message from the device setup page webpage, however when you receive an actual alert, it should alert/vibrate normally.  It should be changed in the next update release so that a test message will alert the same as a regular alarm from your dispatch center.
  • I'm having the same problem as well
  • I'm having the same issue with the alerts. While the Active 911 alert tones show-up in my settings on my phone none of them seem to work. It always reverts back to my android default tone. Hope they fix this soon.
  • I noticed I had to set a users ringtone three times to get it to stick. The easiest way I could do it was completely back out of the application by hitting the Android back button once each time, until it finally went to his home screen, then backing out and going back in and it appeared to stick that time.

    It seems the Android app allows you to open multiple instances even though they show up as one in the multitask list.. I am not sure if was intended but it shouldn't do that.
  • The app updated the other day and since the update I get no audible alert.  The screen pops up when an call comes through but that is it.  Before the update everything was working fine.  Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Within the last 3 days I have had several members experience the same issue with the Android phones. The alert-alarm shows up with no audible or vibration. Even when settings indicate a ring tone chosen in the settings. I hope they see these comments because the replies are slow in coming when asking for support either via email or voice mail. We are currently in a trial account so I am trying to push this app thru.
  • What mine does it work for a few days, then stops alerting. I have the House Tones and Vibrate 1-1 modes selected. It will work fine for a few days, then just stop. It will only slightly beep and then I see the call. I have uninstalled it twice now, waiting to see how the 3rd one does. I have the Sumsung Galaxy S4...Good luck!!
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket. I have the same issues as stated above. I may get the the alert tone one time then nothing. I have never received a vibration signal in silent or audible mode. I need to keep checking my phone to see if I had received an alert. I do get a pop-up screen but it useless if I'm not looking at the phone. Additional information that may help resolve the issue: I do use Apex Launcher & my account transfered from Cadpage to Active911 automatically. I do have auto update active and I am using the latest version of Active911 available on Play Store. 1.2.1.