Users without email
  • I'm trying to add users to our group and have encountered several firefighters who do not have email addresses.  Since this is one of the required fields before entering any further information, will I not be able to add them or is there a way around this?  Thanks. PS They do not have smartphones either so will be getting text messages only.
  • The email address allows them to login to manage their own account and password/device code recovery.  Could they just create a free gmail address?
  • These are some of our older volunteers who are not computer savvy and I suspect, would not know how or probably not want to manage their own account.  We are going to pay for their subscription, so they won't need to worry about that aspect either.  I'm just trying to figure out how to get their "dumb" phones entered into the system so they can get text alerts.  Thanks.
  • If they're not going to need access, you can just use a shared department email address, then you can manage all of them.