On Duty/Off Duty
  • When members utilise the Off Duty/ On Duty, function, it would be very handy if that was visible to all members. Ie when I go off duty, everyone knows I'm away.
    This could happen under the 'personnel' section of the active911 app.
  • Another suggestion here...  Our CADPage users use the SMS feature to go on and off duty.  That works great but there is no way to go to "auto" from SMS.  We use the 48/96 shift schedule and when our guys work OT, they text "ON" but when the OT shift ends, they have no way to get back to "auto" without logging into the website, which most of them forgot how to do anyway.

  • With the update to the website allowing users to enter and manage their own filters, could the same be done for allowing users to maintain their own "work shift" via the website?  The less administrators have to maintain (that users can for themselves) the better!
  • This is something we are working on in the redesigned web site. We understand that there is a lot to expand in our personnel tracking and scheduling. We have some big changes planned but I am still getting scheduling put together for the developers.
    Active911, Inc