Alert Auto Open
  • I know the option is on the settings screen, but I have yet to see the alert actually auto open in the Android App. It only displays on the notification bar. It would be extremely beneficial if this automatically popped the call up on the screen especially if the device is in a piece of apparatus. Not sure if this is a bug or if this is expected behavior.
  • I've had both occur.  Sometimes it doesn't open, but most of the time it opens, but I don't see it until after I unlock the screen.  What is your device?
  • My primary device is a Samsung Galaxy S4. I am also running it on 2 Zte Optik tablets that are having the same issue. It has not auto opened at all on any of the devices.
  • If you're in another app at the time, it's designed not to open and interrupt. I'd suggest to the developers an option to always popup over everything to alleviate this issue for some people.
  • I have noticed that this will not auto-open over the lock screen. It would be nice to have this option since this is what CADPage would do... I do like having the option to enable/disable it.
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • I would like to see a pop-out box (like cadpage) that has most of the basic info (not troubleshooting stuff like parser or active911#) that would go out over the lock-screen.  Not just the app opening.  I think the pop-out is a better option and then if you tap on it, it would open the app to that alert, otherwise you press the close button to ignore the alert at that time.
  • Ryan... Thanks. Understood. I did not read the original release notes properly for this.